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the Netherlands

Van der Valk Breukelen

Hotel Van Der Valk Breukelen

Centrally located with modern conference rooms and excellent facilities.

+31 (0)346 26 58 88
Stationsweg 91, 3621 LK
Breukelen, the Netherlands

Training Venue:

Hotel Van Der Valk Breukelen

About the venue

PCS has been organizing training courses at Hotel Breukelen for a number of years. The hotel is situated in the middle of the Netherlands, being easy to access by car and public transportation.

Until the end of 2018, the building was a copy of the Imperial Palace in the Forbidden City in Beijing. It was built in the 1980s for the successful entrepreneur Dave Wong. He wanted to make Oriental Palace one of the ten best hotel-restaurants in the world.

The result of this dream; a fifteen meter high building in red, green and golden yellow, with dragons on the walls and a roof with thousands of roof tiles imported from China. In the garden, visitors could relax in tea houses with a view of a Chinese wall. The cheapest room cost 280 Dutch guilders a night, the most expensive 750 Dutch guilders. However, the dream was soon over. Three months after opening, in the spring of 1988, a debt of seven million Dutch guilders killed Wong. The restaurants ran like clockwork, but too few rooms were rented out.

Two months after bankruptcy the hotel and restaurant were purchased by the Van Der Valk Group at auction. Although the interior has been extensively remodelled, the Oriental Palace roof still remains.

The conference rooms at Hotel Van Der Valk are spacious and modern, the restaurant no longer offers Chinese specialties but now focuses on French cuisine.

Van Der Valk Breukelen's Facilities

The hotel offers many possibilities to relax: swimming, a sauna, relaxing gardens and visits to the castle in Breukelen.

Four-Star Hotel

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is spacious and modern.


Modern restaurant with a large seating area and grand buffet.


Relax at the wellness center with steam cabins and more.


The hotel is close to Castle de Haar, a rebuilt castle from 1646.

Van Der Valk Breukelen's Training Rooms

Modern training and conferencing rooms with plenty of amenities and spaces to work on group workshops / cases.

Van Der Valk's Lunch Buffet

Training all day makes you hungry. A good lunch helps. At Van Der Valk Breukelen offers a live-cooking lunch buffet, ranging from salads to pre-cooked meals. Buffet lunches are included in all our courses of more than four hours organized at Hotel Van Der Valk Breukelen.

Breakfast & lunch options

A great training day needs an excellent lunch!

Whether you are joining the course lunch or having breakfast after an overnight stay, the choices at the buffet are plentiful.

Van Der Valk Breukelen's Amenities

An overview of the amenities at the training venue; Hotel Van Der Valk Breukelen.

Deze locatie is geschikt voor overnachtingen.
Deze locatie heeft een eigen restaurant.
Deze locatie heeft een binnen- of buitenzwembad.
This venue has a (common) sauna available.
Gratis parkeergelegenheid
Bij deze locatie is gratis parkeergelegenheid (voor PCS-cursisten).
Rolstoel toegangkelijk
Deze locatie, de trainingsruimte en hotelkamers zijn rolstoeltoegankelijk.
Deze locatie heeft een bar die (o.a.) alcoholische dranken aanbiedt.
Deze locatie heeft een eigen fitnessruimte.


How to get to the venue by car or public transportation.


The closest bus stop is a: 3 minute walk. The closest bus stop is: Station Breukelen, Utrecht.


The closest (major) train station is: Station Breukelen. It takes approximately: 3 minutes to get to the station by foot.


Hotel Van Der Valk Breukelen is situated right next to the A2 highway and is a 1 minute drive from the A2 highway.


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