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the Netherlands

Van der Valk Amersfoort

Hotel Van Der Valk Amersfoort

Located in one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands, with excellent facilities and conferencing rooms.

+31 (0)33 454 00 00
Ruimtevaart 22, 3824 MX
Amersfoort, the Netherlands

Training Venue:

Hotel Van Der Valk Amersfoort

About the venue

Van der Valk Amersfoort is a modern hotel that is situated on the edge of the beautiful, historic city of Amersfoort, with a direct connection to the A1 highway. Due to the pleasant location of the hotel, it is easy to reach by car and public transport. The hotel has 26 conference rooms that are modern and spacious.

Visit Amersfoort

If there is one city in the Netherlands where the Middle Ages are still tangible, it is Amersfoort. With its wall houses, beautiful city gates and more historical sites. Go out in Amersfoort and dive into history.

Van Der Valk Amersfoort's Amenities

An overview of the amenities at the training venue; Hotel Van Der Valk Amersfoort.

Hotel rooms
This venue can accommodate overnight stays.
This venue has a restaurant on premise.
Swimming pool
This venue has an indoor or outdoor swimming pool.
Free parking
This venue has free parking (for PCS course participants).
Wheelchair accessible
This venue, the training room and hotel rooms are wheelchair accessible.
This venue has a bar that offers (a.o.) alcoholic drinks.
Fitness area
This venue has a dedicated fitness area.


How to get to the venue by car or public transportation.


The closest bus stop is a: 3 minute walk. The closest bus stop is: Amersfoort, Ruimtevaart.


The closest (major) train station is: Amersfoort Central Station. It takes approximately: 15 minutes to get to the station by bus.


Hotel Van Der Valk Utrecht is situated right next to the A1 highway.


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