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the Netherlands

PCS Training Room

PCS Training Room

At the PCS offices, designed for small groups and maximum interactivity with the trainer

+31 (0)182 503 280
Houttuinlaan 4, 3447GM
Woerden, the Netherlands

Training Venue:

PCS Training Room

About the venue

PCS has remodelled its offices to include a training room, seating up to eight participants. This is an ideal environment for small training courses.

Our offices are located at the heart of the country, right next to Woerden station. It is easily accessible by car and public transportation (just a five minute walk to the train station).

The training room is spacious, with a lot of natural light, offering you a chance to interact with the trainer one-on-one.


How to get to the venue by car or public transportation.


The closest bus stop is a: 5 minute walk. The closest bus stop is: Station Woerden Zuidzijde, Woerden.


The closest train station is: Woerden Station. It takes approximately: 5 minutes to get to the station by foot.


Our offices are a five minute drive from the A12 highway, and a 25 minute drive from the A2 highway.


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