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the Netherlands

Désirée Vendrig

Désirée is an independent GxP consultant with 30+ years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Désirée fulfilled various Global Quality positions at Teva Pharmaceuticals between October 2004 and January 2018 and was responsible for the quality and compliance of Teva commercial and clinical trial products distributed in Europe and the EMIA-APAC region as well as for quality oversight of third-party manufacturers. Her last assignment was Global Head of Quality for PGT Healthcare, a joint venture between Procter and Gamble and Teva for OTC products. She represented Teva as Co-Chair in the Quality and Compliance Working group of Medicines for Europe and attended several meetings with the Europe Medicines Agency. From 1995 to 2004 Désirée was Senior GMP inspector at the Dutch Healthcare lnspectorate in Haarlem and The Hague. She attended lnspectors Working Party meetings in London and PIC/S conferences, and was involved in the implementation of the Clinical Trial Directive into the Dutch legislation. She started her career in the pharmaceutical industry by joining Solvay Pharmaceuticals (now Abbott) in Weesp, The Netherlands in 1988 as Head of the R&D Pharmaceutical Analysis Department. In this role she was among others responsible for the release of raw materials and finished products for pre-clinical and clinical trials. Désirée graduated in 1985 as a pharmacist at the State University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. In the same year she started her PhD study at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Utrecht resulting in the thesis titled Bioanalysis Stability, Pharmacokinetics and Electrochemistry of Vinca Alkaloids. During her period at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Désirée delivered practical education to Pharmacy students. She has given more than 15 years’ GMP lectures fora post-academie course on Radiopharmacy organised by the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) and regularly lectures on GMP and GDP at national and international courses and conferences. She works as an independent consultant.
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