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the Netherlands

Annie Rietveld

Annie is a former Senior Inspector GMP at the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate (IGJ), with a specialization in biotechnology, biological products and blood products. In this capacity, also various international inspections were carried out for the European Medicines Evaluation Board (EMA) and for the Medicines Evaluation Board (CEBG). From December 2003 until January 01, 2006, cluster coordinator for GMP and GCP inspectors. Since 01 January 2006, product leader in product safety, including management of approximately 20 inspectors, 10 supervisors and 10 program staff. From September 2012 until June 2017 Coördinating Senior Inspector, focussing on ATMP’s. Chair of ATMP PICS working group on preparation of an inspection instument of ATMPs. Member of the EU working group of issuing GMP for ATMPs. Before her time as an inspector she worked as Director of Quality Assurance and Director Quality Affairs at two international biotechnology organizations. She currently works as an independent consultant.
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