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GMP Training

We develop our training courses with quality and practicality in mind. Our trainers have extensive theoretical and practical experience in the field of GMP, and communicate this clearly. Each training is carefully written and always updated to reflect the latest regulatory updates.

PCS offers a wide range of GMP training courses that can be organized as a seminar or in-house and cover a wide range of topics from operator training to quality culture implementation. We provide in-house training, seminars and online courses.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) training

Which GMP training courses does PCS offer?

The GMP training courses are divided into three levels;

Beginner Level GMP Training

If you are a beginner in the pharmaceutical industry, we provide GMP training for beginners. During this training you will develop a solid foundation in the field of GMP regulatory requirements. No experience in GMPs or the pharmaceutical industry as a whole is required for this training.

Intermediate Level GMP Training

Do you already have some basic knowledge of GMP regulations and do you have experience in the pharmaceutical industry? Then you can follow a GMP course at intermediate level. These are designed to explainthe essential GMP elements such as (e.g.) the quality system, personnel qualification and validation.

Professional Level GMP Training

Have you been working in the pharmaceutical industry for some time and are you looking for GMP training at a professional level? PCS has the right GMP training for you. Our professional GMP training courses are designed to provide participants with advanced knowledge on complex topics in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Benefits of our GMP training

Our GMP training in numbers


Courses organized


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GMP courses


Years of experience

Open registration GMP training

Our GMP training in the Netherlands is open for registration and offers flexible enrollment options. The training program is designed to meet the needs of busy professionals and is offered in half-day to 5-day formats.

We limit our training groups to a maximum of 25 participants to ensure optimal interaction and engagement. Each session is led by industry experts and regulatory authorities, who alternate lectures with workshops, open questions, and other interactive activities.

We typically have 7 to 25 seats available for each training session, ensuring a personalized learning experience for all participants. Join us and advance your skills and knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry with our highly effective GMP training program.

Looking for open registration GDP training? We offer GDP training in a similar format as GMP training.

Quality Management in Pharma and Biotech

An important element of our open registration training program is the Quality Management in Pharma and Biotech postgraduate education. This program consists of four modules on topics ranging from the role of the Qualified Person to biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The Quality Management in Pharma and Biotech education is developed under the auspices of the Foundation Pharma and Biotech Education.

The following are included in a GMP open-registration training:

After the GMP training, the participants will receive a certificate of participation. This allows you to demonstrate to regulatory authorities, but also (future) employers that you have attended a training in a certain subject.

Would you like to register for a GMP training? Then you can register via the course page. After completing the form, the participant will automatically receive a registration confirmation by email. You can also register by sending an email to

In-house GMP training

Do you want to follow a GMP training with your company or part of your company? Then you can also opt for an in-house GMP training. These training courses take place at your workplace or offices. When a large group needs to be trained, in-house training can be a cost-effective solution. On average, an in-house training lasts 1 day.

The structure of an in-house training is very similar to that of a seminar, and is delivered by an experienced trainer. The big difference with a seminar; the participants all come from the same company, so we can go a little deeper into certain issues, challenges or cases that you bring up as a company.

Are you interested in an in-house GMP training? Then you can contact us. We are happy to schedule an intake session to discuss your questions, wishes, learning goals and the desired result. This way we can offer you the best GMP training. This is followed by a quote for review or approval. The offer includes a concept program that has been compiled on the basis of the intake interview.

GMP eLearning

Are you looking for a shorter GMP training on a specific topic? A training that you can follow from home or office? Then a GMP eLearning training is for you. During these short training sessions, of approximately 90 minutes, we will cover a specific topic. Think about; ‘What is GMP?’, ‘Data integrity’ and other GMP training topics.

The eLearning consists of an interactive interface, in which image, sound and interactive elements are combined. Take quizzes, for example. Our eLearning is mostly spoken in English with Dutch subtitles.

eLearning is concluded with a short quiz in which knowledge about the content is tested. If the participant has completed all mandatory parts and has successfully completed the quiz, the participant will receive a certificate of participation.

Are you curious about our GMP eLearning courses? Then follow the eLearning-demo and decide if it’s for you. Do you want to purchase a GMP training? Then you can do this very easily via our website. You can choose from generally accepted payment methods such as iDeal, credit card and bank transfer. After payment you will receive a coupon that gives the participant access to our eLearning platform.

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