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Get your company GMP certified.
Using our 31 years of GMP certification experience we promote patient safety and efficient compliance.

Why use PCS for your GMP project?

Think of us as lawyers. We know the law, what you can and can't do in medicine production. But we're engineers too. And chemists. But also risk assessors, project managers, document writers and virologists. We're an all-in-one solution for GMP implementation and GMP certification. No need to hire twenty companies, just hire one. It's cheaper, faster and safer.

You benefit from:

Valuable insight

Discover your GMP compliance status and what to do next. PCS creates a unique GMP roadmap for you.

PCS creates a unique GMP roadmap for you.

Flawless execution

Centralized planning and project coordination. PCS ensures flawless execution and GMP implementation.

PCS ensures flawless execution and GMP implementation.

Increased knowledge

Your team will gain essential GMP knowledge. PCS transfers GMP project knowledge by training on the job.

We transfer our GMP knowledge to your team.

What can you guys do for me?

GMP implementation projects are difficult. You need excellent planning and large amounts of GMP expertise. It's even more difficult if you're already spread thin. It's easy to lose track of all the moving pieces. That's when things fall through the cracks and your project gets delayed. Use PCS to organize your project, make communication easy, and meet deadlines.

Service items

  1. Architectural/Design

  2. Permits

  3. Building Facility

  4. Equipment Purchase

  5. GMP Establishment (QMS)

  6. Suppliers Control (Facility)

  7. Manufacturing Strategy

  8. Qualification Equipment (GMP)

  9. Validations (GMP)

  1. Qualification Facility (GMP)

  2. Creating Dossier (ready for filing)

  3. Facility start-up

  4. Key Personnel (Production/QA)

  5. GMP Inspection Preparation

  6. Hosting GMP Inspection

GMP implementation examples

Logo Solvay pharma

A pharmaceutical quality system according to the EU GMP for Solvay Pharmaceuticals (DE). Fully GMP certified.

Logo Panacea Biotec biotech

WHO GMP implementation or upgrade for all plants of Panacea Biotec in India. Fully WHO qualified.

Logo medicinal cannabis gmp pharma

For two production sites PCS transformed a ISO 9001 quality system to GMP for medicinal cannabis. EU GMP certified.

Logo Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics AMT biotech

Construction support and GMP implementation for AMT (UniQure) in Amsterdam for molecular therapies. EU GMP certified.

GMP certification by pharma consultancy firm PCS

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