GDP certified engineering of your warehouse.

for logistical companies in pharma

PCS is a world leader in engineering, quality assurance and gdp certification, promoting compliant and safe supply chains.

Three main business activities

  1. Engineering, spans the entire process, from initial studies and the layout up to commissioning and start-up. Everything according to good distribution practices, ready for GDP certification.

  2. Quality assurance, building your GDP quality system while your warehouse is being built. Includes equipment assessments, qualification, temperature mapping and vendor management.

  3. GMP certified, we guarantee that when your new facility is up and running that it will get GDP certified. We prepare your team for regulatory GDP audits through GDP inspection preparation training and GDP mock-audits.

Supply chain management software

While we're at it, why don't we implement our digital QMS and supply chain management software? Its customizable, fully GDP certified and extremely versatile. Better yet, we developed it, taking the unique challenges of pharmaceutical logistics into account.

Why you should choose us

  • Wisdom comes with age, we've been doing this for 31 years.

  • You will spend less, we have an abundance of GDP standards and GDP templates.

  • You'll be done a lot quicker, we take on a big chunk of project management for you.

  • You will be 100% GDP compliant, our patient and quality culture focus ensure this.

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