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GMP & GDP Supplier & Client Interfacing Software

How many emails do you get from your 3PL that "something went wrong" on a monthly basis? Most companies get a lot of them. But those emails often get lost. Or you have to print them to add them to the deviation file. Or they don't end up in the deviation file at all!

PCS Intelligence allows you to interface with suppliers & clients.

We want more of this

a screenshot of GMP software showing a deviation entry

Connect the modern way!

With PCS Intelligence, suppliers can submit reports (such as deviations) using a mobile app or other devices. Clients can submit product requests, complaints and more using the same interface. All they need is an internet connection and a web browser to gain access to pre-defined forms.

And less of this...

a screenshot of an email showing collapsed boxes in a truck

Less improvisation, more structure!

When it comes to your product's quality, you want to have full control. Outsourced activities are no exception. Improvised methods for communicating quality defects are a thing of the past! Assume full control with PCS Intelligence's supplier interfacing feature.

How can our supplier & client interface benefit your company?

  • Have clients and suppliers submit forms directly in PCS Intelligence, saving you tons of time!

  • Limited access for clients and suppliers, define what they can and can't do

  • Suppliers and clients get access to a dedicated portal listing all their SOP's and forms in one list

  • The latest document and form versions are always available in the portal, with automatic version control

  • See reports on any level: supplier-wide, truck driver, client sales person, and much more!

  • Suppliers or clients don't need to print your forms and SOP's. It's all there, on their phone or tablet

Receive supplier GMP & GDP data the modern way

screenshot of a GMP deviation list submitted by a pharmaceutical supplier in PCS Intelligence

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