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The modern pharmaceutical market is global. Everything changes, all the time. Suppliers change, API's have to be sourced elsewhere and QA just added five steps to the deviation procedure.

What pharmaceutical companies need more than ever is truly flexible GMP software that grows with your company.

That's is why we developed PCS Intelligence, a GMP software package with unparalleled customization. It's main feature is it's process management function, a novelty in the pharmaceutical software market.

Creating a GMP process is easier than ever in PCS Intelligence!

gmp software window showing a GMP document approval process on screen

What can you achieve with our process management software?

an example:

You've got a deviation process... but it's messy!

Managing a deviation process diligently is tricky! There are a lot of people involved, a lot of paperwork to track and "evidence" to manage. So you have taken it upon yourself to finally optimize that deviation process.

Design your ideal process in PCS Intelligence

All it takes is a bit of training and you'll' be creating process steps, responsibilities, deadlines, required documents and automatic forms in no time! Collect form data, automatically assign tasks and let PCS Intelligence send out notifications if deadlines are missed, it's point and click!

Sit back and let our software do the work!

After you've optimized the process in PCS Intelligence it's time to relax. Present management with statistics, a shorter Change Control list and adjust your process whenever needed. It's all under your control.

Most important benefits of our process management software

  • You design and control your processes

  • Check on document and process statuses in seconds

  • All correspondence pertaining to your process is automatically collected and stored

  • Connect processes. A CAPA and a deviation belong together!

  • No sneaky workarounds! You cannot continue the process unless all the steps have been followed

  • Is your colleague on holiday? Transfer the process tasks to someone else with a few clicks

view of gmp software application showing a SOP approval process in a web environment

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