What is Data Integrity & Why is it important?

5 rating based on 238 ratings. 238 students

What is Data Integrity & Why is it important?

This course enables employees to quickly learn what Data Integrity is in a fun and interactive way.

5 rating based on 238 ratings. 238 students

GMP & GDP training for pharma & biotech


45 minutes in total

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Data Integrity is currently a hot topic worldwide. The issuance of warning letters by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) has increased significantly and the trend continues. Inspectors expect to see strong policies for handling data, both for written documents and digital systems.
As a pharmaceutical employee, you must understand the principles of data integrity and know how best to record data. ALCOA is recognized by national authorities as a tool to clarify expectations in good documentation practice, also known as GDocP.
This course allows new employees to quickly learn how to complete documentation and make corrections using the ALCOA tool in a fun and interactive way.


  • What is Data Integrity?
    • Emergence of Data Integrity Problems
    • What is Data Integrity?
    • ALCOA
    • Digital Systems
    • Data types (including raw data)
  • What could go wrong?
    • Documentation
    • Analytical results
    • Electronic data
  • Relationship with corporate culture
    • What is Culture?
    • Three layers of culture
    • Cultural change
  • Summary, Exam & Certificate

Learning goals)

  • Explain what Data Integrity is and why it is so important,
  • Understand the expectations of ALCOA in Good Documentation Practices,
  • Establish a relationship between your own behavior and the expectations of Data Integrity.

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Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate that they have successfully completed this course. The certificate is a digital certificate.


  1. Duration: between 30 and 45 minutes in total,
  2. Closing: digital certificate after a quiz,
  3. Level: basic level.

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 55 ex. VAT

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