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Woerden, the Netherlands

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Data Integrity

Eéndaagse training over het implementeren en naleven van Data Integriteit en het belang van Quality Culture.

 922 ex. VATQuick view
Deviation and CAPA Management

Eéndaagse training over deviatiemanagement, root-cause analyse, impactbepaling en CAPA’s

 922 ex. VATQuick view
EudraLex Volume IV - Licenses & Registrations

Training over vergunningen & registraties in Nederland en de EU.

 922 ex. VATQuick view
External Audits & Self-inspections

PCS certificering voor Lead & Support auditors. Voor externe audits (leveranciers en contractnemers), interne en remote audits

 1.729 ex. VATQuick view
GDP voor de QP/RP Refresher

GDP Refresher

 922 ex. VATQuick view
GDP voor het Middenkader

GDP voor het Middenkader

 1.729 ex. VATQuick view
GMP Basics

Basisprincipes en overzicht van Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regelgeving

 922 ex. VATQuick view
GMP for Middle Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

This training provides an overview of key aspects of quality control for middle management level.

 1.956 ex. VATQuick view
GMP Update Seminar 2023

Seminar over de wijzigingen in de GMP/GDP wet- en regelgeving in 2023 of die in de nabije toekomst verwacht worden

 899 ex. VATQuick view
Good Distribution Practices (GDP) - also for the Responsible Person (classroom)

PCS certificering voor de Responsible Person (RP) en Aangewezen person (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient). GDP-richtlijnen en Falsified Medicines voor humane geneesmiddelen en actieve grondstoffen (API’s)

 1.729 ex. VATQuick view
Inspection Readiness

Essentiële onderdelen bij de voorbereiding op GMP- en GDP-inspecties van de overheid.

 922 ex. VATQuick view
Quality Management - The Role of the Qualified Person

Quality Management – exploring the role of the Qualified Person

 3.225 ex. VATQuick view
Quality Management in Drug Development

This three-day training provides insight into the regulatory requirements for drug development from both the viewpoint of regulatory authorities as well as inspection bodies.

 2.280 ex. VATQuick view
Quality Management in Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals

Three days on manufacturing biopharmaceuticals & quality aspects

 2.590 ex. VATQuick view
Quality Management in Pharma and Biotech

Four modules offering an integrated approach to quality management in pharma and biotech, and in hospitals, to safeguard the quality of their products.

 8.550 ex. VATQuick view
Quality Management in Sterile Manufacturing

Training on sterility assurance challenges in the pharmaceutical industry and hospital pharmacies. Including new Annex 1 and Contamination Control.

 2.590 ex. VATQuick view
Rootcause Analysis


 509 ex. VATQuick view