If you are a regulated company producing medicinal cannabis you may be required by the authorities to be Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified by your national healthcare inspectorate. PCS (est. 1990) is your partner in achieving GMP certification for medicinal cannabis.

GMP Certification Services

For (potential) manufacturers of medicinal cannabis

What Is GMP Certification?

The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are a set of laws/regulations adopted by governments in most countries. These laws are designed to ensure pharmaceutical products are produced in a safe manner. Before you can be certified you will receive an inspection by your national healthcare inspectorate against the GMP laws/regulations.

For Whom?

When you produce medicinal cannabis in -or deliver to- any of the following countries the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) laws/regulations apply to you: the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Japan, Iran, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, China, Russia and all nations of the European Union. Other nations may also require you to adhere to GMP regulatory requirements.


PCS has the experience and expertise to analyse your current situation accurately and help you navigate the regulatory hurdles.

Medicinal Cannabis Experience

PCS has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) for a herbal medicine company in the Netherlands. The project included the creation of a solid QA department, installing and maintaining GMP awareness, validation of cleaning and processes and finally preparing the company for a regulatory inspection by the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate (IGJ i.o.) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The organization has achieved GMP certification.

"PCS (est. 1990) is your partner for GMP certification."

PCS has the experience and expertise to analyse your current situation accurately and help you navigate the regulatory hurdles. We have experience building and upgrading Quality Management Systems, assisting in GMP license applications and supporting organizations succesfully achieve GMP certificates.

Proven Track Record

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Our consultants have performed a significant number of assignments globally, in a range of different industries.

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We are a dedicated team of consultants who know all ins and outs of Quality Systems and its potential issues.

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Our consultants work in a great number of companies across the pharmaceutical industry as Subject Matter Experts.

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