PCS Provides GMP & GDP Quality Assurance (QA) Consultancy Solutions in Pharma

Typical GMP Audit Topics and Schedule

PCS has 31 years of experience in auditing pharmaceutical organizations. We assess the Quality Management System (QMS/PQS), the process(es) and the organization as a whole.

The presentation below shows the topics PCS would normally cover on a one-day GMP audit. We have based the audit on a production organization. Process-specific topics have been excluded for the purpose of this presentation e.g. cell banks, autoclaving, etc.

Our Advantages

Global Experience

Our consultants have performed a significant number of assignments globally, in a range of different industries.

Broad Knowledge

We are a dedicated team of consultants who know all ins and outs of Quality Systems and its potential issues.

Seasoned Consultants

Our consultants work in a great number of companies across the pharmaceutical industry as Subject Matter Experts.